Founders’ Day 2019

Congratulations to our sisters celebrating membership milestones in 2019!

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April 7, 2019--New Orleans AA with Alpha Beta Chapter

April 7, 2019--Beta Psi Chapter

April 7, 2019--Beta Gamma Chapter

April 7, 2019--Alpha Psi Chapter

April 13, 2019--Northern Kentucky AA with Alpha Mu Chapter

April 14, 2019--Greater Cincinnati Alumnae Association with Epsilon Chapter Centennial

April 14, 2019--Gamma Alpha Chapter

April 14, 2019--Pittsburgh Area Alumnae Association with Kappa Chapter

April 14, 2019--Beta Delta Chapter

April 22, 2019--Beta Beta Chapter

April 26, 2019--New Jersey Alumnae Association

April 27, 2019--Gamma Omega Chapter

April 27, 2019--Delta Eta Chapter

April 27, 2019--Alpha Epsilon Chapter

April 28, 2019--Gamma Psi Chapter

April 28, 2019--Chicago Area Alumnae Association with Benedictine University Emerging Chapter

April 28, 2019--Gamma Eta Chapter with New York City Area Alumnae Association

April 28, 2019--Gamma Pi Chapter

April 28, 2019--Beta Omega Chapter

April 28, 2019--Beta Theta Chapter

April 28, 2019--Zeta Chapter

April 28, 2019--Delta Theta Chapter

April 28, 2019--Delta Beta and Beta Alpha Chapters

April 29, 2019--Delta Lambda Chapter

April 30, 2019--Northern Indiana/Illinois Alumnae Association

May 4, 2019--Greater Cleveland Alumnae Association with Alpha Xi Chapter

May 4, 2019--Flint Area Alumnae Association with Beta Lambda Chapter

May 5, 2019--Central Ohio Alumnae Association