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Theta Phi Alpha Annual Alumnae Dues

 Dear Sister,

Every August, Delta Gamma Fraternity begins their “I Am a Sorority Woman” campaign, empowering sorority women to break down the stigmas surrounding Greek life and showcase their talents, passions, beliefs, and strengths. The yearly campaign encourages us, as sorority women, to be bold, be strong in our convictions, and not only support one another as sisters, but as (strong) women. Being a Theta Phi Alpha, and more specifically a Theta Phi Alpha Alumna, has allowed me (and I’m sure you as well) to meet many strong women throughout my journey. Sometimes I’ve served with these women in my alumnae association or as a National Officer; sometimes they were my closest confidants who supported and guided me and my ideas; and, sometimes they were women I met along the way who gave a thumbs up, a hug, or a phone call to cheer me on, offer compliments and criticisms, and be one of those sisters standing behind and beside me. Regardless of the connection, I felt their passion for Theta Phi Alpha.

Sigma Delta Tau’s tagline “Empowering Women” is demonstrated by the first photo and title on their website that reads, “Empowered women empower women.” Theta Phi Alpha is not short of empowered women who have and will continue to leave a lasting legacy. It is important that we empower each other as sisters, friends, volunteers, colleagues, and women, now and as we advance forward in a time when we must fight to continue to be sorority women. I hope that as you continue your journey as a Theta Phi Alpha Alumna, you are surrounded by a sea of sisters standing behind you, beside you, and in front of you, ready to support you.

As a lifetime member of the Ever Loyal, Ever Lasting  sisterhood of Theta Phi Alpha, paying your 2018-2019 Annual Alumnae Dues* is an opportunity for you to give back in a simple and meaningful way. A minimum Alumnae Dues payment of $50 establishes you an alumna in good standing, allows you eligibility to serve as a National Officer, and subscribes you to our wonderful national magazine, The Compass,  as well as other Fraternity communications. Your support and involvement will help us achieve great things for our sisterhood.

Theta Phi Alpha is excited to bring new opportunities and build upon past successes. With your support, we can further our sisterhood through exciting and engaging opportunities, including the development of a new volunteer training program and alumnae webinar series. We continue to strive for many Everlasting Connections, including the Alumnae Outing at National Convention and the opening of new alumnae associations. Finally, we look forward to new ways of engaging alumnae during this biennium.

In continuing the popular Theta Phi Alpha Alumnae Dues Charm incentive, the first 100 alumnae to donate at least $100 will receive a limited edition 2018-2019 charm. Additionally, those sisters who give $200 or more will also receive a special alumnae gift.

Make your contribution today through our website or by printing out the remittance form and returning it to the Theta Phi Alpha National Office. You can now make recurring payments for added convenience. You may also include your annual donations to the Theta Phi Alpha Foundation General Fund.** Note that Theta Phi Alpha Foundation donations count towards your total contribution, but a $50 minimum Alumnae Dues contribution is required to receive any gifts. To learn how far your dues go, visit: http://thetaphialpha.org/your-support-matters.

Yours in the bonds of sisterhood,


Lauren Svec Gallo

National Vice President-Alumnae

Theta Phi Alpha

* Theta Phi Alpha Fraternity is a 501(c)7 organization; contributions are not tax deductible for federal income tax purposes.

**Theta Phi Alpha Foundation is a 501(c)3 organization; contributions are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

3 Easy Ways To Pay Your Dues Or Make Donations!

  1. Phone (via credit card) Call 1-440-899-9282
  2. Mail (via check or credit card)
    Print form: Alumnae Dues Form (185k, pdf)
    Mail payment and form to:
    Theta Phi Alpha
    27025 Knickerbocker Road
    Bay Village, OH 44140-2300
  3. Pay Online (via credit card)

Alumnae Dues Keepsakes

The first 100 donors of $100 or more will receive the 2018-2019 Alumnae Dues Keepsake! Other special gift for $200+ donors!

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Sporting Theta Phi Alpha attire and accessories is another great way to show love and support for Theta Phi Alpha!