The Compass

The Compass is the official magazine of Theta Phi Alpha. News of members, chapters, and Alumnae Associations, pertinent information and articles of interest to the Fraternity’s members are included in The Compass. Alumnae and collegiate members are encouraged to submit articles of general or fraternal interest to The Compass and also to inter-fraternity journals. Collegians receive The Compass at their homes as part of their per capita fees, collected through each chapter. Alumnae pay alumnae dues to continue their subscriptions. All members are urged to keep National Office informed of any changes of name and/or address to ensure delivery of every issue.

Subscription information

Have you recently moved, changed email addresses, gotten married, or changed your phone number?

Theta Phi Alpha is only able to reach you with the information in our Fraternity database—so it is important for you to keep us up to date. If you need to update any information, please contact National Office via phone (440) 899-9282 or simply log in to the Member Portal and update your contact information online. Don’t forget to encourage other sisters to do the same!

The Compass section “Between Sisters” lists member child births, marriages, sympathies, and deaths. If you know of any “Between Sisters” items, please send them to National Office for the next issue.