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Theta Phi Alpha Annual Alumnae Dues

Dear Sister,

Over 25 years ago, Mari Ann Callais, AB, and Leslie Ervin Trahant, AB, penned these timeless words to “My Sister, My Friend”: The precious gifts of Theta Phi are friends, both new and old. Bound by a seal upon our hearts, the badge of pearls and gold. The rose of white and the sapphire blue, are symbols of a truth. Friendships stretch from coast to coast, and last beyond our youth. The last line of that verse is one of the things that makes being an alumna (possibly) more special that your days of being a collegian. Almost all of us joined Theta Phi Alpha during our collegiate days in order to make new friends, participate in philanthropic activities, or hold leadership positions. The relationships that have continued outside of those years and the new friendships formed as alumnae may be ones that are more meaningful and last much longer. While we do choose our friends in our chapter, choosing to become and stay friends with women we meet as alumnae allows for deeper, more meaningful relationships. Sisters who engage with the Fraternity, whether locally or nationally, have also had the ability to not only make new Theta Phi Alpha friends, but also friends across badges with other Panhellenic women who share in the same ideals of friendship. 

I think about the friendships that I have made in Theta Phi Alpha. My pledge sisters^ and I are very close and share in the bonds of sisterhood that are uniquely our own. I also bask in the feeling of friendship with so many women that I have connected with from volunteering nationally for Theta Phi Alpha. It’s these friendships that fill my cup and keep me coming back to serve the Fraternity, stay involved and engaged, and keep bringing me back to our biennial National Conventions in order to see these wonderful women. These friendships have already stretched from coast to coast, and I know will last for years to come.

As a lifetime member of the Ever Loyal, Ever Lasting sisterhood of Theta Phi Alpha, paying your 2019-2020 Annual Alumnae Dues* is an opportunity for you to give back in a simple and meaningful way. A minimum Alumnae Dues payment of $50 establishes you as an alumna in good standing, allows you eligibility to serve as a National Officer, and subscribes you to our wonderful national magazine, The Compass, as well as other Fraternity communications. In continuing the popular Theta Phi Alpha Alumnae Dues Charm incentive, the first 100 alumnae to donate at least $100 will receive a limited edition 2019-2020 charm. Additionally, those sisters who give $200 or more will also receive a special alumnae gift.

Theta Phi Alpha continues to strive for Everlasting Connections and activities that build friendships and connect sisters, like the opening of new alumnae associations, alumnae social activities at National Convention, or the Sue Check Alumnae Reunion Cruise. With your support, we can continue to engage alumnae through developmental activities, like our Alumnae Experience Webinar series. Alumnae engagement continues to be one of our top priorities in the Fraternity. Your support and involvement will help us achieve great things for our sisterhood. 

Make your contribution today here online, or by printing out the remittance form and returning it to the Theta Phi Alpha National Office. You can now make recurring payments for added convenience. You may also include your annual donations to the Theta Phi Alpha Foundation General Fund.** Note that Theta Phi Alpha Foundation donations count towards your total contribution, but a $50 minimum Alumnae Dues contribution is required to receive any gifts. To learn how far your dues go, visit: http://thetaphialpha.org/your-support-matters.

Yours in the bonds of sisterhood,

Lauren Svec Gallo
National Vice President-Alumnae
Theta Phi Alpha

^The term pledge sister was changed to new member in 2012.
* Theta Phi Alpha Fraternity is a 501(c)(7) organization; contributions are not tax deductible for federal income tax purposes.
**Theta Phi Alpha Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization; contributions are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Three Easy Ways To Pay Your Dues Or Make Donations!

  1. Phone (via credit card) Call 1-440-899-9282
  2. Mail (via check or credit card)
    Print form: Alumnae Dues Form (185k, pdf)
    Mail payment and form to:
    Theta Phi Alpha
    27025 Knickerbocker Road
    Bay Village, OH 44140-2300
  3. Pay Online (via credit card)

Alumnae Dues Keepsakes

The first 100 donors of $100 or more will receive the 2019-2020 Alumnae Dues Keepsake! Other special gift for $200+ donors!

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