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Happy 104th birthday, Theta Phi Alpha!

Aug 30, 2016 | Categories: Blog

Happy 104th birthday, Theta Phi Alpha!

Theta Phi Alpha was founded on this very day 104 years ago by 10 remarkable women at the University of Michigan. Our Founders were certainly progressive, modern women. Very few women attended college in 1912. Female students weren’t even allowed to enter the student union!  In the United States, women weren’t allowed to vote or to own property. Yet these 10 women not only attended college, graduated and had careers but also felt it was very important to create an organization where they could meet and support each other. Our Founders saw the value of relationships with other women not only during the collegiate years, but for life. They could have just founded a club for college women, but they didn’t.  The college years are simply a foundation for a lifetime as an alumna. 

I think our Founders would be very proud of us today and how we have grown and spread across the country, opening our membership to all women yet remaining true to our core values. I’m sure they never dreamed what the world would be like 104 years later with all the technology we have available. I do think they would be shocked and dismayed at the social and political climate of the country; yet I also think they would be impressed by our members today. Theta Phi Alpha sisters in 2016 are still dedicated to advancing educational, social and philanthropic interests, encouraging spiritual development and adherence to the highest moral standards and promoting lifelong bonds of friendship just as they were in 1912. The world has changed dramatically, but these ideals are timeless.

Change is inevitable, but with it comes opportunity. Technology makes it possible for us to connect with sisters around the world instantly. It also helps us provide support and eventually training for our alumnae volunteers and our collegiate members through our website. Multiple avenues of communication are available to us now. We don’t have to wait days or weeks for a letter to arrive. This is an exciting time for Theta Phi Alpha, we are growing and improving in so many ways. Keep watching for updates through email and check the website for news. Let the compass be our guide as we stay true to the values in our ritual written over 100 years ago. 


Yours in the bonds of sisterhood,

Susan Lee
National President

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Founded in 1912, Theta Phi Alpha is a women’s organization dedicated to close comradeship; to advance educational, social, and philanthropic interests and leadership training; to encourage spiritual development and adherence to the highest moral standards; and to promote lifelong bonds of friendship; a fraternity for college and university women and alumnae.